Social Media Tips For Beginners, Part 2

Businesses today are now listening, interacting and engaging on social media outlets on a much larger scale. So if you are giving more time to develop a sound strategy for social media that is tied to business objectives, this will create a greater ROI.

You can increase your business income by trying to develop a friends source, that is, creating a larger following of contacts. When you use your friends for business you will get better results as the advice from people you know and trust is more effective. If you want to attract potential customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about social media.

If you want to have your business presence felt, then it is best to have a strategy in the social sphere. Building relationships by paying attention and being in touch with the customers is going to be a key issue that separates regular businesses from the great ones.

You can use the online television channels and programs via sites like and Blog Talk Radio to popularize your business. With the help of either a written, video, or audio platform, a business owner can produce and distribute content easily to customers or fans without incurring any cost, except time.

The social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress will form the basis of the social strategic plan for companies who will use these new media platforms for branding their business. So learn everything about social media to make your business a successful one.

If you are out to attract prospective customers, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about social media.

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Strategic Planning: Do You Know What It Means to and for Your Industry?

As a success coach for corporate professionals, one phrase I’ve heard a gazillion times is some version of strategic planning, ie, team strategy, corporate strategist, team goals, corporate objectives, team leader, etc.

Once you hear a phrase this many times in this many ways, it can lose its real meaning – IF you’re not focused on what it means specifically for your business. So today, that’s what we’ll discuss, ie, what strategic planning means to and for your industry.

Following are three key insights to help you stay “strategically focused” (pun fully intended).

I. Objectives: One way to really capture what strategic planning is for your particular sector is to look at your plan’s stated objectives. Ask yourself, “What are our goals and why?”

Once you understand what your objectives are, you can work your way back to central questions like, “How does what we do impact “x”? For example, does what your company do impact a specific group, a specific economy, a specific environment?

Your strategic plan is a living, breathing document of where your company wants to go and how it proposes to get there. But, it’s specific to something, someone, some group; knowing who or what that is is key to knowing what your strategy means to and for your industry.

II. Individuals: People carry out strategic plans; not machines, not robots, not technology. Ironically, human beings are the engine that drive all this other stuff.

What does this have to do with knowing what strategic planning is within a specific industry? Well, different companies/industries require different skill sets. One only has to understand the formal definition of what this professional does to see this.

What Is a Strategic Planner?

According to the article, Careers in Strategic Planning, on the site Careers-in-Business, what these professionals do is described in the following manner:

Strategic planners analyze and evaluate internal business plans. This involves financial forecasting, market analysis, competitive intelligence analysis, looking at M&A proposals and feasibility analysis. There is also substantial focus on vendor relations, logistics and supply chain issues and geographic expansion. There is a lot of common sense “gut feel” work here too.

As you can see, this is a broad skill set that involves hard and soft skills.

If you’re a team leader, are you hiring the right people for the job?

If you’re a corporate strategist, are you in the right field?

III. Emerging Trends: One way to stay ultra-focused on what strategizing means for your industry is to always keep your ears and eyes open for emerging trends. This is important for a number of reasons – especially from a leadership perspective, ie:

(a) It keeps you in tune with which way to steer the corporate ship;

(b) It allows you to take advantage of industry opportunities;

(c) It helps you to fine-tune company objectives; and

(d) It aids you in developing or expanding ‘strategic’ partnerships.

This last objective is particularly important because we live and work in a global economy now. You never know when – or from where – your next big alliance is going to arrive.

Realizing what’s strategic “in and for” your industry prepares you to meet these challenges and opportunities head on.

Ten Top Tips For A Healthy Business To Start The New Year

The beginning of a new year is a great time to get a checkup on the fitness and health of your business as strategic preparation for the year ahead. Business owners and their management team have the opportunity to perform an annual “checkup” on every aspect of their business, get rid of the “unhealthy” behaviors and performances and address the “unhealthy” things in their businesses, and start with a fitness plan to ensure a prosperous new year.

Here are ten top tips to ensure a healthy start to the new year from your strategic thinking business coach.

+ Review your business performance. An honest review of the business over the past year can show what worked well and what didn’t. By looking at the successes and the failures over the past year will put you in a far better position to plan effectively for the new year.

+ Begin your strategic thinking and planning. Review the past year performance, set the goals that you want to accomplish in the new business year and develop a strategic action plan to achieve your goals.

+ Commit to being more organized in the new year so that time is not wasted looking for things you need and to improve work flow.

+ Clear your desk and eliminate clutter. Discipline yourself to keep relevant information on your desk when needed so you can improve your concentration on the task at hand and not be distracted by other items that makes your mind wander.

+ Clear your computer. Delete all spam and junk emails that you do not need. Act on any urgent messages and organize the rest in appropriate files.

+ Back up your business records to guard against a potential devastating impact on your business. You could back up your data onto a disc, or use a professional data back up company to store it for you

+ Develop a system, if one does not exist, and commit to a follow-up system with your accounts to manage your accounts receivable.

+ Commit to good cash flow management. Develop strategies to consider alternative methods of funding, which can guarantee your business has a flexible and ongoing supply of working capital, enabling you to put your business plans into action.

+ Commit to creating an environment that encourages the professional development of your staff.

Your strategic thinking business coach encourages you to take a close look at your business and its performance during the past year. Use the new year to develop a fresh outlook, renewed enthusiasm and ambition for the year ahead. The start of the new year is the right time for you to review your strategic plan, business plan, marketing plan, and other plans and then develop the appropriate strategic action plan to position you and your business for a very healthy business year.

If you want to learn more about strategic thinking and planning and how it can improve the health of your business and how a strategic thinking business coach can facilitate and guide you in that endeavor, please contact Glenn Ebersole today through his website at or by email at [email protected]